• Where Is Belmo Now?

Schedule & Events

Strikes 70% | Spares 95% | Wins 13%

  • June 24 - 25

    Bowl Expo, Orlando, USA

  • October 11 - 17

    Storm Fair, Tokyo, Japan

  • October 24 - 02

    WSOB, Las Vegas, USA

  • November 12 - 15

    Japan Cup, Tokyo, Japan

  • I can't believe these tricks shots are real!

    By Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo


    Jason Belmonte is a professional bowling player on the PBA Tour in the United States and other circuits around the world. He's also known for using a rare technique called two handed shovel style, … Read entire article

  • Do you want to build a snowman?

    Hey hey, For those living in the Orange area, did you get out and feel the snow on your faces this week?  It was 7am and Kimberly woke up the house (which is unusual because it's usually … Read Full Story