• Where Is Belmo Now?

Schedule & Events

Strikes 70% | Spares 95% | Wins 13%

  • June 24 - 25

    Bowl Expo, Orlando, USA

  • October 11 - 17

    Storm Fair, Tokyo, Japan

  • October 24 - 02

    WSOB, Las Vegas, USA

  • November 12 - 15

    Japan Cup, Tokyo, Japan

  • I can't believe these tricks shots are real!

    By Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo


    Jason Belmonte is a professional bowling player on the PBA Tour in the United States and other circuits around the world. He's also known for using a rare technique called two handed shovel style, … Read entire article

  • Belmo's Vs Europe part 1

    Bonjour everyone,The Belmo's are having a brilliant time on our euro holiday. So far we have conquered all of Paris on foot and have a few blisters to prove it. The highlight for the adults has been … Read Full Story