The week Past

August 2nd, 2010

Hey Hey everyone,

Last week was a great week for a few reasons, but mostly because It was my birthday week. I woke up on the 29th of July with both my wonderful girls in bed opening presents by both of them. Just to be home with my girls is a good enough present for me. I boxed with Bobby Williams (Ex Australian Boxing Olympian) and sweated like i always do, i had lunch with the nonnas, dinner with my parents, a little party at my sisters and dinner at the in-laws and ate way too much but loved every bite.  I then had to box with Bobby so i could fit into my jeans again.
I got messages and calls from all over the world, from Sweden to Chicago, It’s wonderful having so many friends...

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Inside my head

July 11th, 2010

Each place, each time I leave, it’s for the same reason. No matter the place or the event I’m traveling to when I get on that plane I have only one thought in my head – WIN.
It runs over and over inside. Make it worth while leaving home, make traveling away from family and friends worth the hassle – WIN.
I know it sounds a little dramatic but over the years it’s the fuel that drives me to do just that – WIN.
Traveling is hard and when you do it for a living, the sparkle of the planes are not as bright, the stamps on the passport are a blur, but it’s the only way to get to work. My family are my focus and it’s them...

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Got an idea?

July 5th, 2010

Hey guys – Got an idea to help this website become better? – send those ideas there. If your idea is used to help make this site the best sports website in the world, then you will get a signed autograph card sent any where in the world.

Thanks for you help

Your mate


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Best Day of My Life

January 6th, 2010

Hey hey everyone,
For as long as my heart beats, January 2nd, 2010 will forever be one of the most
proud moments in my life – Once a bub in side my wonderful wife’s belly, is now a
bub who entered the world with eyes wide open and a pair of lungs Pavarotti would of
been proud of.

Weighing 9lbs 14.5oz, standing 53cm tall and wearing a pair of deep
blue eyes, Aria Rose Belmonte became our first child.
She also became the first grand child to both my parents and Kimberly’s Parents and she became the first niece
to Kj’s brother and his wife and my sister and her fiance.

As first time parents, we have been thrown into...

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Practicing – Does it really help?

December 10th, 2009

Does practice really do as much ‘good’ as everyone says it does?

Last weekend I bowled in Australia’s biggest event. I ended up coming 3rd but over all I felt like for 90% of the event I was in horrible form.
I had picked up a ball twice in 6 weeks before bowling that event. Thinking talent was enough to win. It wasn’t.

It got me thinking, how important is practice. I began to look back at the practice I have done in the past and the form I was in during that practice period.
Every event I had won or every event I felt like I was bowling great in, I was doing some kind of practice prior to those events. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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