Staying put for a while!

November 23rd, 2009

Right now I should be in the USA, New Orleans to be exact bowling with Chris Paul and other American celebrities. But due to a ankle injury in Chris Paul’s last NBA game, we have had to postpone the event for a 2nd time.
This is very frustrating, especially when booking travel from Australia to go over there. But it’s no ones fault and I have to be a big boy now and take it on the chin.
Good news though is I get to stay home and be with my wonderful 8 month pregnant wife. Not long now till I’m a daddy, so the window for me to be immature is closing by the day haha…….but the reward of maturity is AMAZING. A little bub to look after and a new step...

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Now Open!

November 13th, 2009

Hey hey everyone,

It been a while, but I have now managed to get this awesome new website up and running. The look is completely  different and with the help of new technologies I have been able to improve certain areas of the site.

Jason Belmonte - Fan CardThe things I have added:

  • A much more in depth look at how my career started, where it is now and where i see myself into the future.
  • A clear look at my calendar  for the tournaments ahead.
  • A...

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