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Australian Masters Champ – 5th PBA title, 2nd WBT title and 1st Aussie Masters title

April 27, 2014 | 0 comments

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Hey hey everyone,

I have had many people ask me to give a run down of how the final match against Rash went.
It was a best of 3 games final.

Game 1:
I was using a Roto Grip Berserk (a ball that good mate Mick Little helped me lay out before the 3rd round of the finals on Friday, big cheers to him for that help) trying to do what i had done in the previous 2 rounds, which seemed to work well for me.
It was a low scoring affair in the final, neither of us looked good out there early on.
Rash missed 2 easy spares and I left two splits and neither of us had doubled. After his 7 pin miss in the 8th frame, he spared out to shoot 172. Forcing me to mark in the 10th and then get 9 to win.
I left a 2 pin in the 10th and then threw the strike in the fill to win by 2. From the 5th frame on though, we both were lined up but had trouble knocking them all down (I moved a little further right with a Critical Theory). It would set up a great 2nd game though.

Game 2:
Rash got off to an early lead after I through a bad shot and left a split in the 2nd. At the 9th frame, Rash had an 11 pin lead on me, if I struck out for 268 it would force him to strike out for 279 to win.
I 2 pinned in the 9th and then a split in the 10th sealed game 2 up for him. His ball reaction was only getting better and mine was getting worse.
I decided to make a huge ‘blind’ move and changed to the Storm Lucid and play a little left of Rash for the 3rd and final game.

Game 3:
I started off the last game with a cheeky brooklyn strike and then bowled the next 3 frames perfect. Rash equalled me bowling the front 4 also.
I then left a ringing 10 in the 5th, strike in the 6th and then a messenger that hit the 10 pin in the 7th, only for it not to fall.
Rash kept striking, his reaction was crazy good. He had the front  7 before a corner pin slowed him down a pinch.
I struck the 8th and 9th with perfect shots forcing rash to double the 9th and 10th to shut me out.
He got the 9th frame, making it come down to the 10th.
A spare and a strike for Rash in the 10th would force me to strike out to tie the match – 259
I was pretty positive he would hit the pocket, his reaction was so good, my only hope was a bad break.
He let the ball go and over hit it at the bottom and missed a little left. 4-6-10.
Now, if Rash gets 2 pins, it still forces me to double the 10th to win, he threw it as fast as he could and missed them all. WOW. 7-0 in the 10th. All i needed now was one strike and 8 spare to win.
I have never thrown a more pure shot than my first in the 10th in my life. Perfectly executed clutch strike. I followed that by one that wasn’t as perfect, but good enough for another strike to win.

The place erupted, no one more loud than my family and closest friends who were there to witness me win my 5th PBA title, 2nd WBT title and 1st Australian Masters title.
I then led an Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, chant that had the entire bowl (a few hundred people) scream it with me. It was one of the most emotional things I have experienced in a bowl. Having that many Australians chant with me after a clutch victory will forever be one of the most special feelings in my life.

Thank you to AMF and TBA for sponsoring and hosting the Masters. Was a great run event and the prize money made it sweeter than most events around the world. Let’s make next years bigger and better.

Huge thanks for Storm, Turbo, Dexter and High 5 for their support. Best ball, grip, shoe and shirt company in bowling.

Next stop is the World Series of Bowling in Vegas for the season opening events of the PBA Tour.
Fingers crossed i bowl as well as i did this week.


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