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Back to the lanes

August 31, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey hey everyone,

The family holiday to France and Italy has finished and I can honestly say that it was the best family holiday I have ever been on. The kids were absolute superstars overseas, adjusting to time zones along with a copus amount of late nights with early mornings. I was really concerned before going that it would take its toll on their little bodies but if anything, I was more tired than they were.
We created memories that will be remembered till the day I die. Thank you Kimberly, Aria and Hugo for making our holiday so awesome!

Unfortnately, all good things must come to an end and now it's back to the normailty of life. Kimberly back to work, Aria back to school, Hugo back to playgroup and I'm hitting the lanes again.
Next event for me is 2 weeks away. The NSW Open, held in Sydney. I love competing in Australia. Not just because the travel time is considerbly shorter than I am used to, but because this is where it all started for me. I love bowling with mates I grew up with and watching the young talent Australia is producing while I am away. 
There's no place like home, and the same goes when competing!

I will be sure to keep you all filed in on my performance in Sydney. You can follow along live on twitter (@jbelmo) and Facebook ( or find me on instagram (@jbelmo) 

Till next time

Be good



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