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Do you want to build a snowman?

July 20, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey hey,

For those living in the Orange area, did you get out and feel the snow on your faces this week? 

It was 7am and Kimberly woke up the house (which is unusual because it's usually Aria waking us all up) yelling for us all to see the snow. Kimberly was excited not because she 'loves' snow so much, but because Aria has been in love with the movie 'Frozen' - which is all about snow and ice and princesses. 

So you could imagine Aria's delight when she saw the snow. She was just about to re-enact the entire movie in actual snow/ice and she did that, perfectly :) We had a blast and I had a great time being apart of that memory. 

So here is how kids has changed me and my views on life. 

Before Aria and Hugo the smallest things that I wouldn't even care about, like snow, did not excite me nor did I really take any notice of them anymore, but these small seemingly insignificant events become huge events in these little peoples lives. It brings back some of that lost childhood spirit in me as a father. Watching Aria and Hugo play make believe in the snow, watching their stories unfold through imagination, is one of the most treasured parts about being a parent. 

The lesson the snow taught me is this: Something that I take for granted, something i have seen a million times can still be exciting if I see it with new eyes. 

So what's your 'snow' moment to remind you there is still a little kid in all of us?


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