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Dude Perfect Vs Belmo - Behind the scenes

June 21, 2014 | 0 comments

Dude Perfect

With over 5 million views in less than 20 days, it’s safe to say that the Dude Perfect collaboration with me in “Bowling trick shots” has gone viral.
If you haven’t seen the clip – click this link (

This 6 minute video though took a little longer than you may think to make. 

This blog is a little run down of how long each trick took that made the video.

 Opening scene: Through the legs

5 min – They wanted a couple of shots and I was able to complete the trick (with no broken ankles) in 3 takes

0.25min: The Great Wall
10 min – The first take I did the ball actually slipped out of my hand and crashed into the wall, was a little embarrassing. After the reset of pins in the great wall I completed the trick in my next attempt

0.39min: The Transfer
20 min – This was all about the speed up the first jump! The transfer had to be smooth to generate the speed needed up climb up the last lip.

1.09min: Around Tyler
2 min – Probably the simplest trick for me. As long as he doesn’t move right and I don’t miss left he is safe and it all comes down to making sure I struck, which I was able to the first attempt

1.17min: Around the bowl
15 min – Once Tyler had a feel for the direction of the ball around the bowl, he was able to roll the ball consistently in the right area, then we just had to wait for the strike.

1.35min: The headers
5 min -  much like bowling around Tyler, as long as the boys didn’t move and I didn’t miss left, they were safe. I needed 2 shots to strike though.

1.45min: The flying eagle
5 min – I missed my first attempt, but not by much. After resetting the pins I was able to make the shot on my 2nd attempt.

2.05min: The exploder
30 min – Cody was close nailing this in the first couple of attempts, in fact he did make it early only the ball didn’t explode into the front pin, so he wanted to do it again. After losing 2 balls due to cracking in this trick, Cody pulled off the exploder perfectly.

2.18min: Plate breaker
10 min – It actually took a couple of goes to adjust for the speed you throw the pin at in relation to where the pin was in the air. The first 5 attempts we both had we threw the pin well over the top. Once we worked out the timing, we didn’t miss the plate after that!

2.32min: The Wash out
2 min – first go

2.34min: The 2-4-10
5 min – With the pins resetting quickly I made the shot on my 5th attempt

2.40min: The 6-7
15 minutes – Again the pins were resetting quickly and I bowled a fair few shots. Maybe 15 before I made it. I didn’t think I was going to get it that quickly either.

2.57min: The Worlds Longest Strike
1 hour – 100 Meters away (300ft) The approach was a little warped, so a little left and the ball sailed away to the lanes, a little right and the ball tried to smash into a ball return. There were a couple attempts around the 30min mark where I thought I nailed it, but the ball faded at the last minute leaving a few pins standing.

3.28min: 7-10 Spilt
5 min – All Tyler had to do was bowl the ball firm into the gutter right? Well on his first attempt he accidentally bowled right down the middle. It was quite funny. His 2nd attempt he nailed it.

3.40min: Spinning Ball trick
10 min – I have done this trick a couple of times. It’s a painful trick. The spinning ball isn’t too predictable where it’s going to go and of course to leave just the right pin up for the spinning ball to hit is also a guess (with a hint of luck). The first attempt the spinning ball  made it ¾ the way down, then fell into the gutter. But amazingly, my 2nd attempt I pulled it off, it shocked me I was able to do it so quick.

3:55min: Up the ramp
20 min – It may not look all that tough, but the ball has to jump the ramp and continue straight in order to hit the pins. Took a few goes to get the jump angle straight

4.14min: Cross the park
40 min – It’s all about the bounce and the direction. Garret was close so many times but the bounce of the ball at times just diverted the balls direction enough to miss. We discussed moving the pins for him, but he said ‘NO WAY’ and managed to complete the shot.

4.43min: Around the pins
2 min – the 2nd simplest trick, as long as I don’t miss left of my target, the curve I put on the ball made this trick pretty quick and simple for me

5.05min: Go long!
40 min –  This was tricky for sure. The ball path wasn’t really clear. Speed at to be right, too quick and the ball jumped out of the bowl and a little slow and the angle to the pins wasn’t right. 

After some near misses we nailed the pocket to get the strike!



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