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I fell in love in Mexico.

November 19, 2015 | 0 comments

I have something to admit. I fell in love in Mexico. Before you go run off telling my wife that I am ready to move there, hear me out. The tacos. Oh. The tacos. Those tacos were mouth watering tacos. The type of taco that makes you say "I'm absolutely full but I'll have another one anyway". Oh those true authentic tacos I indulged in while I was in Mexico participating in an appearance. But, on to this amazing appearance.... 

I decided since I was going to be remotely close to Mexico, (Dallas for the US Open) I would try to get down to see my cousin, Matthew. Growing up Matthew and I were more like brothers. He lived 4 hours away from me, but every time we saw each other, we would grab a soccer ball and disappear till dinner time. More recently his love story is one you see in the movies. Australian boy falls in love and follows the girl across the planet to her hometown in Mexico. Is there another word stronger than romance? 

Since I was booking my trip to see Matthew, and since he couldn't get a full week off of work- I decided to call Storm to see if there is any work they would like me to do while I was down there. They hooked me up with Hugo Kiel, the Storm distributor in Mexico and all around awesome guy. He also happens to be a very talented videographer. (Wait until you see this amazing recap video!)

The idea of my appearance is to connect with my Central American fans and put on a sort of "bowling show." Before I arrived, Hugo put on a qualifier type tournament to give people the chance to 'beat Jason'. 11 people then qualified to actually bowl me for prize money. It would be 3 games, total pins.  

First stop: 

We were off to Mexico City. Over 250 came to watch me play. Too bad I didn't bowl so good. I managed to squeeze out a 600 series and finished in 4th place. Despite my below than average performance on the lanes, the crowd truly made me feel special.  I had an amazing time in Mexico City. I loved everything about, well almost everything about it. THE TRAFFIC. Holy geez they aren't kidding about the traffic. One thing we DO NOT see in Orange, NSW. Traffic. My patience was certainly tested. I had to quickly understand though that Mexico City has more people living in it, then there are people living in Australia. Isn't that wild!

 Second stop: 

Monterrey. I bowled 796 and beat all 11 competitors. It was a great time and not just because I almost shot 800, but because the crowd (all 300 of them) and I interacted so much that sometimes I forgot when it was my turn to bowl.  What a great group of people. I know what you're thinking. I won, so did I keep the prize money? Truth is- top prize was $1000. I decided to give my prize money to the youth national squad. It would be used as travel money for their upcoming trips. Hope they plan on coming to Australia, I'd love to show them my country after they so amazingly showed me their city.

To all my friends (and now family, thanks to Matthew) in Mexico- Thanks for coming out, shaking my hand, taking pictures with me, asking me to sign a bunch of autographs, making me attempt to speak Spanish and treating me like a rock star. I had an amazing time and am already planning my trip back. Please, whatever you do. Save me some tacos. 






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