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I re-signed. Not resigned.

November 27, 2015 | 0 comments

It was the question heard around the world. Before I left Utah after an eventful trip, I updated my status to announce some big news. 

I was so excited I didn't realize my phone changed re-signed to resigned. Is there another word in the English language that is so close but actually mean the opposite thing? Man. Big mistake. 

Most got my mistake and shook it off. Some went crazy with emails to me asking me "How could you leave Storm!" So, my friends. Here's the truth. I re-signed. And, I can't wait to see what the next three years have in store for me. If you want to see the proof in me actually signing my contract the proof is on the Storm FB page! Thanks, Storm for believing in everything that I stand for and all that I am. I promise to be the best person and bowler I can be and to represent you with pride and dignity. 

I paid a visit to the Storm Headquarters. And yes, it's even more awesome than you can imagine. I walked around the building saying hi to old friends, and shaking hands with the employees that are actually the ones responsible for making the bowling balls, pouring the mold, etching the names on the balls. I was able to tip my hat to all that run the ship that is Storm. 

I also did some pretty eventful things as well. I had an appearance at Hill Airforce Base. It's one of America's largest bases. I was able to take a tour and actually see something very rare. They hold F35s at this base. For those that aren't familiar- these are fighter jets and there are few in the world like these. They had two of them and they actually flew them for me while I was there. Maybe next time I can negotiate a flight in them. 

I got bit by a dog. On purpose. They were telling me about their military dog named Houston there and how amazing he is. They offered that I put on this very thick coat and asked if I wanted to get bit. I said the first thing that came to my mind. "Uh. YEAH!!!." And so I did. And lived to tell about it. 

After I got bit by Houston we were off to the main event. 175 people came out to meet me and watch me bowl a challenge match against 3 bowlers who were selected via essay on facebook to bowl against me. They bowled 3/6/9. I had a normal game. I shot 246 and the others shot 235,235 and 226. 

They mic'd me up and while I was bowling, the fans could ask me questions. It was super interactive and really a fun event. Thanks Hill Airforce Base and to Storm for putting on this amazing event. Watch a recap video here!

For every hand that I shook, and hug that I gave- Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my Aussie heart. You guys make what I do so much more fun. 

Be Good!



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