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Olympic Disappointment

October 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Hey, hey! So, you’ve probably heard by now. Bowling didn’t make it into the Olympics. (cue the sad violin music) I know, I’m devastated, too. I mean, seriously. What do we need to do to prove how amazing, worldwide, and diverse bowling is as a sport? I was on the team that travelled to Japan to tell the Japan Olympic Committee why bowling is worthy of Olympic status. Unfortunately, they believed that other sports had a more Olympic worthy cause. This has been on my mind a lot lately so I wanted to give you my thoughts on this disappointing decision.

Bowling has survived without the Olympics Games since, well, forever. We will continue to survive, flourish, and show them why it’s deserving. Perhaps I won’t be on that Olympic team but who knows, maybe my children will be. I know I will never give up the fight.

It is imperative that we bowlers use the momentum achieved by Kevin Dornberger, and the World Tenpin Bowling Federation. They were amazing. If there ever is a team I would want fighting for this cause, it’s every single person on that team. So thank you, to Kevin, and his team, for believing in bowling as much as you do.

We must respect the decision of the IOC. The JOC used the word “youth” a considerable amount in their talks. We need to show them how youth bowling is flourishing, growing, and making impact on our sport. Bowling is cool again. We need to continue to shout it from the rooftops.

So, what do we do now? Do we work towards the next short list? Do we drop the entire idea of bowling in the Olympics? Do we just focus on ourselves and the things we can control? I don’t think we should ever give up. We should always be working to make that short list. This year we got further than we normally do as a sport. We waved our bowling flag in front of their face and they saw us. Next time, maybe they will join in and wave a bowling flag with us.

Getting in the Olympics . . . how do we do this? We do it together. We need to unite. As federations, as companies, as bowlers. We need the entire industry to hold hands and run at them. Until that happens, I’m afraid we will continue to just miss that short list.



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