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What's in my bag?

November 03, 2015 | 0 comments

What’s in my bag?

It’s a question I get a lot. “Belmo, what bowling balls are you loving now? What are great choices for #2handers? What should I be throwing?” Well, I can answer it once and for all. First off- STORM Made (Storm + Rotogrip) Products. You should be throwing Storm Products and Rotogrip. Best balls on the planet. More specifically, I’ve listed what’s in my bag below.

1: Belmo spare ball – I never leave home without it.


2: Hy-road - When the lanes give me a pinch of friction and I need a ball that I can get through the fronts and have confidence in always coming back from the right. It's the ball of the decade for a reason and while Storm keeps making them, I'll keep throwing them.

3: The Lock – It’s been awhile that I've used a strong core and cover with great success. The Lock gives me smooth transitions from oil to backend and allows me to control my angle because of how much earlier it rolls for me.

4: Unhinged – This ball is always right next to my Hyroad. I've had so much success with this ball mainly because it allows me to open up the lane better than anything else. You'll likely see me using this when I need length down lane but a huge angle on the backend. (You’ll also regularly see me lofting this gem.)

5: Optimus Solid - When The Lock is a touch early and the Hyroad is a pinch too long, this ball fits the gap perfectly. The solid cover gives a smooth controlled read off the end of the pattern. This allows me to play a little further right, but the engine inside is strong - giving me maximum pin carry.


6: Rocket - This is a very hit or miss ball for me. When it's on, this ball strikes more than everything else in my bag. I've bowled some huge sets with the Rocket and the fact alone keeps that ball close at all times.

What's in your bag? What's your favourite?

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