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What success really looks like

September 08, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey Hey,

I want you think about a famous athlete you like. Think about how many times they have won, or how easy they make it seem to do what they do. 

The easier someone makes their sport look (most times) the better the athlete is. 
We also sometimes make the assumption that it's been easy for them forever. That I can tell you is untrue. 

Below is a picture that really sums up success!

So many people think success for the worlds best athletes was as simple as 'a straight line'. 
I can assure you, every athlete who is at the top of their sport has reached that peak by following the squiggly line.

As a squiggly line follower myself, I can testify that to become the best at anything, you have to learn along the way. Learning usually goes hand in hand with losing also. So every time I lose, I hit the lanes and practice the parts of my game that caused the poor performance. 

Now for my wonderous peice of advice - look closer at that squiggly line. Follow that line from the start and you'll see that many times that line goes down and backwards and almost ties itself into a knot. Those are the hardships, defeats, frustrations, injuries and everything else bad that occurs along the way. 

Someone who quits, well, their line stops. Their dream stays a dream.
A champion however, gets back up after every fall, fights for what they want and uses those hardships to propell them into greatness. Their dreams become their reality. 

Next time you feel like quitting - remember this squiggly line.



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