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September 15, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey hey everyone,

Last weekend I drove 3 and a bit hours down to Tenpin City in Sydney to defend my NSW Open title. 

I love to bowl in NSW for a few reasons. 

1: I can drive. No planes this time.

I travel so much via planes to get to my tournaments that it's such a wonderful change to just drive to get where I need to be. I can turn my music up with the windows down and sign as loud as I want to every Everclear song that comes on. 
I don't need to share an arm rest with someone and I don't have to worry about excess baggage. I can take as much as my car will fit.

2: Catch up with family in friends. 

When I leave Oz, I leave my family and my friends. These people I talk to on a daily base can be difficult to keep the line of communication open depending which country I am in. Time zones differences and wifi accessibility are the two major reasons why it's hard. 
So it's awesome to be able to see my mates while I bowl and talk to my family when ever I want to. 

3: Bowling in Oz is always special to me. 

I love Aussie bowling because it's where it all started for me. I get an opportunity to see the young talent coming through and pass down some words of advice to those who I think it may benefit. 
Seeing kids bowling in Australia's largest events certainly does bring back memories of my travels domestically. I learnt so much from bowling these tournaments and I am excited to see which young Aussie bowler will become the next PBA superstar. 

I also love to bowl at Tenpin City because I have a great record there. Undefeated actually and I was able to keep that record alive with victory last weekend. 

A long format and a difficult oil pattern gave me great preparation for the coming WSOB in October in Las Vegas. The more games I can get under my belt before the PBA tour starts up again, the better my chances are to perform well on tour.
There really is no substitute for competition practice and I can assure you that a full weekend of bowling left me sore, but better prepared. 

Thank you so much to Annette and all the staff at Tenpin City for another incredibly well run and flawless event. I will for sure be back again next year!

Till next time

Be good


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